The Young Explorer Club project was started in 2002 as an initiative of Janusz Laska and the Education Society of Kłodzko. It was intended for pupils and teachers of lower secondary schools, who performed experiments and scientific tests during extra-curricular classes and this way extended their knowledge on nature. The interactive method of working with young people was intended to make them interested in experimenting and arouse their curiosity as well as to inspire them to gain knowledge on their own.

In 2002-2005 the project was implemented by the Education Society of Kłodzko within the framework of the programme ‘Equal Opportunities’ of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation and the Polish Children and Youth Foundation. As an effect, several tens of Young Explorer Clubs were established all over Poland. Since 2009 the coordinator of the Young Explorer Clubs has been the Copernicus Science Centre. In 2012 the Copernicus Science Centre entered into an agreement with the Polish-American Freedom Foundation aimed at developing and promoting the initiative of Young Explorer Clubs. The agreement, signed by Robert Firmhofer, the Director of the Copernicus Science Centre and Jerzy Koźmiński, the President of the PAFF, is the effect of several years of partnership and cooperation between the two institutions for modern education and equalising education opportunities among the young generation.