What is a Young Explorer Club?

Young Explorer Club means meetings, gripping classes and atmosphere! Children and young people together experiment under the watchful eye of Supervisors. They gain knowledge on their own. All over Poland and abroad there are several hundred clubs. The Copernicus Science Centre, the coordinator of the programme, enhances the development of the YEC with the support of the Strategic Partner, the Polish-American Freedom Foundation.

YEC – what is important here?

  • During the meetings, the most important is personal involvement.
  • Club members themselves look for topics that interest them instead of looking in the handbook.
  • Participants get the answers through experimenting.
  • Of key importance is the research method that develops many competencies and skills at the same time, enable exceeding the school borders between subjects and shows that making errors is valuable in that it teaches how to solve problems. The objects of such tests, depending on the age of the children, can be experiments with magnets, observations of the outer space or an analysis of water purity in a nearby river.

Simple club rules 

  • It does not take much money or even a specially equipped laboratory in order to make interesting and serious experiments. Object that surround us, available in the kitchen or garage, on a walk or in the garden, are the tools for experimenting.
  • A club can be started anywhere: in a village or a city, in Poland and abroad, at a preschool, school, and completely independently of the system of formal education.
  • The supervisor can be a teacher, culture activist, parent, and the classes can be conducted by anyone even, as in some clubs in Belarus, an older child for younger children. YEC supervisors are people who are active by nature and will not content themselves with ready-made solutions. They consciously let the club members learn and discover on their own.
  • With the YEC teachers can exceed the base curriculum.
  • Club rules and regulations – SMALL YEC CHARTER
  • See the first steps in the club